Skip to content and Finsemble partner to improve workflow for fixed income traders


propellantfinsemble-975x490-1.pngA Finsemble partnership allows Propellant to strengthen their position on fixed income trading desks across the industry and see more users adopt their application. By incorporating FDC3, Propellant will now be able to interoperate with other applications out-of-the-box to allow for streamlined, efficient workflows.


“We’re very happy to partner with Finsemble to see our technology solution be more readily integrated with our customers’ front office applications and other leading technology vendors,” says Vincent Grandjean. “Getting access to Propellant will now be simpler and faster, helping traders visualize proprietary and public data in an instant.”

“Finsemble’s commitment to unadulterated, open-source interoperability is one of the reasons we’re trusted foremost among our peers by vendors,” says Finsemble Global Head of Partnerships Jim Bunting. “We’re very happy to partner with the team at Propellant and help them deliver a better user experience to their clients.”

As part of a Finsemble smart desktop, Propellant users may see a variety of workflows between the tools they use every day, such as syncing Propellant to their OMS/EMS for faster trade decisions.